A data management platform to support citizen election observation and other large-scale structured data collection efforts.

Citizen watchdogs play a critical role in validating political processes, but to be convincing they must back claims with data. Elections are one of the foundations of a legitimate democracy when the official results truly represent the will of the voters. Systematic election observation requires large amounts of structured information from hundreds or thousands of observers and determining what it means – fast. Developed by Nigeriabased TimbaObjects in conjunction with NDI’s Elections team, Apollo aids the management of observers, verification of collected information, and automated aggregation for analysis.


Apollo Powers Data-Driven Citizen Monitoring

Data management platform to support citizen election observation and other large-scale structured data collection efforts. Aggregates and aids analysis of structured data submitted via SMS, smartphone apps, or manual web entry

Overview of Features

  • Used in dozens of countries for systematic observations of critical elections.
  • Useful for management of any large group of people collecting structured form data, such as monitoring government services, medical centers, or collecting survey data from citizens door-to-door.
  • Automated processing and aggregation of data from easy-to-use forms.
  • Accepts submissions via SMS, smartphone app, or web entry.
  • Provides real-time information on citizen-submitted reports.
  • Built-in graphic interface makes it easy to build data forms.
  • Ability to upload detailed observer information including contact phone numbers and location data.
  • Permits analysts to verify data from multiple observers in the same location.
  • Automated SMS response for incomplete or inaccurate submissions.
  • Blast text messaging and observer management for consistency and validity.
  • Proven ability to process thousands of data points in minutes.
  • Ability to export information for further analysis.
  • Multilingual interface compatible with non-Roman alphabets including non-Unicode fonts and characters.
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Apollo in Action

In response to past political turmoil, civil society organization POECI (Civil Society Platform for the Observation of Elections in Côte d’Ivoire) worked together with NDI to implement a parallel vote tabulation (PVT) process for Cote d’Ivoire’s 2015 presidential election. Using Apollo, POECI aggregated reports received from 755 observers across the country, which enabled the group to effectively assess the credibility and fairness of the electoral process. The success of the effort, and the ease of using Apollo, led POECI to use the system again in both the 2016 parliamentary elections and 2018 county elections - with only limited support from NDI. Read the full story here.