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By Marley Berk | September 08, 2022

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Hello world!! My name is Marley Berk and I am honored to be joining NDI’s DemTech team as a Temporary Project Assistant. 

I have always had a passion and appreciation for technology, especially as it intersects with democracy. As a graduate student at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, working towards my Master's in International Security and Economic Policy, I recognize the importance technology has in both promoting democratization and the security of an individual nation or region. My interest in the intersection of technology and democratization is new. As a part of my studies, I completed a course last Fall on the implications and importance of technology in international security, and I was hooked. I realized that the future of democratization and political development relies on technology. Whether it be for infrastructure or open internet or sharing information, technology is the future of international development. 

Recently, as a legislative intern for the US House of Representatives, I saw firsthand how democratic values can be challenged online daily; I encountered numerous situations where disinformation inhibited democratic action domestically. Listening to constituents and monitoring hate speech and disinformation in an era of likes, comments and viral media was unique. I am looking forward to working on similar issues abroad with NDI. 

At NDI I am eager to bring my passion for democracy, international relations, and public policy together while promoting the best practice for technology use, supporting collaboration across borders and cultures, and learning more through my work during my time with NDI. 

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends, and watching any and all new shows.