Hiring! Cybersecurity and Partner Engagement!

By Chris Doten | January 29, 2020

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Providing cybersecurity training to at-risk activists
NDI staff providing cybersecurity training to at-risk activists
Want to use your interest in technology for good? The NDItech team is hiring for two different positions providing direct support to civil society organizations and political partners working to build more just, democratic societies around the world.
Want to help partners use tech tools for democracy and development? We’ve created a new Partner Engagement Assistant position working directly with civic and political organizations around the world to help them implement tech tools (particularly our DemTools suite of free, open source software) in support of their work driving social change. You’ll interact with dozens of organizations, helping think through their strategies for promoting transparency, improving government accountability, building grassroots networks of marginalized communities, and accelerating political organizing with powerful web applications. You’ll manage training partners in their home countries, provide them with ongoing support, collect ideas for new improvements to make these products better, deal with technical vendors and open-source communities, and assist with the design of new programs and proposals.
Savvy cybersecurity expert? NDI is looking for a Program Cybersecurity Specialist - someone with a serious understanding of today’s scary online threat environment coupled with a deft touch working with non-technical civic and political groups to help them stay safer online. NDI engages in a range of digital security efforts, from basic awareness raising to deep-dive security audits. The activists with whom NDI works are in some of the toughest places on earth, and face threats that could put them in jail or worse. Through this role, the right individual will engage on the ground with these groups to help them better protect themselves online. 
NDI is a great organization working with amazing people and groups around the world - in a time of relentlessly bad news about technology and democracy, these jobs are a great opportunity to help people fighting for better societies use the internet in positive ways.