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Weekly Roundup 24 March through 7 April

Former content moderators are reigniting the debate over effective content moderation by suing big tech platforms for poor working conditions and psychological trauma. Read More

DemTech 1000 Course Puts Technology at the Forefront of Democratic Development for NDI Staff

NDI has been a leader in democracy and technology, but to meet the challenges of our time, it is increasingly clear that the Institute needs to integrate technology into every program we undertake. In an article for the Journal of Democracy… Read More

What We Learned from Hosting Linguistically-Inclusive Virtual HCD Workshops

Written by Priyal Bhatt & Elizabeth Sutterlin

In January, the DemTech team hosted online virtual workshops introducing human-centered design (HCD) and the Read More

Weekly Roundup 28 March, 2022

On Tuesday, the authentication platform Okta reported that its Read More

Emerging Technology and Democracy: What can we expect to see?

The past year has yielded mixed results for technology and democracy. While some Read More

Hello, World!

Hello, world! My name is Vanessa Revilla, and I am thrilled to be joining NDI’s DemTech team as a Program Associate specializing in Cybersecurity! 

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Weekly Roundup 18 March, 2022

Cryptocurrency, like other online platforms that have become increasingly mainstreamed in the digital era, provides both opportunities for and threats to democracy. A core value of advocates for cryptocurrency… Read More

Hello, World!

Hey, world! My name is Tristan Gutbezahl, and I am incredibly excited to start working with NDI’s DemTech team as a Temporary Project Assistant.

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Hello, World!

My name is Cat Ramsey, and I am excited to start promoting democracy at NDI as the new Temporary Project Assistant on the DemTech team!

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