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Emerging Technology and Democracy: What can we expect to see?

The past year has yielded mixed results for technology and democracy. While some Read More

Hello, World!

Hello, world! My name is Vanessa Revilla, and I am thrilled to be joining NDI’s DemTech team as a Program Associate specializing in Cybersecurity! 

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Weekly Roundup 18 March, 2022

Cryptocurrency, like other online platforms that have become increasingly mainstreamed in the digital era, provides both opportunities for and threats to democracy. A core value of advocates for cryptocurrency… Read More

Hello, World!

Hey, world! My name is Tristan Gutbezahl, and I am incredibly excited to start working with NDI’s DemTech team as a Temporary Project Assistant.

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Hello, World!

My name is Cat Ramsey, and I am excited to start promoting democracy at NDI as the new Temporary Project Assistant on the DemTech team!

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Findings from the IGF’s Best Practice Forum on Cybersecurity

Last year, I participated in the UN’s Internet Governance Forum’s (IGF) Best Practice Forum (BPF) on Cybersecurity. The BPF working groups form part of the IGF’s intersessional work between annual forums, and… Read More

We're Hiring! Come join our team as a Cybersecurity Program Associate

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Envisioning Tech-empowered Democratic Futures: A Quote Sheet

In the wake of the Summit for Democracy 2021, a fundamental part of the conversation to revitalize the democracy agenda involved recognizing the critical challenge that the global spread of a digital authoritarian model of governance is posing to… Read More

DemTools Through the Ages

I’m delighted that the NDI DemTech team has hit another major milestone with a fresh iteration of the Democracy Toolkit, DemTools. For anyone reading this blog, it’s probably self-evident that we live in an increasingly digital world, and for an… Read More

DemTools: Tech tools and Approaches

Democratic processes have struggled to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced democratic actors to accelerate their adoption of technology as traditionally in-… Read More