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A New Approach: ICT Blogging at NDI

(Promoted to top from August 17)

For my first post on the new NDI blog I thought I’d share thoughts on how we came to the decision to start blogging and what we hope to accomplish.

This NDI blog represents a new way of… Read More

Welcome to NDItech: Blogging on ICT in Development and Democracy

The "demos" of the word democracy is the people - the masses, the rabble, the hoi polloi, the plebes, the great unwashed. One of the most powerful transformations of the past 10 years has been spread of tech to the demos.

In 2000 we were… Read More

Technology Engagements Aren’t Always Technical

For the last fifteen years or so we have employed technologies as components of many of our democracy strengthening programs. A wide range of technologies and associated strategies have been used to support activists, political parties,… Read More