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Throwback Thursday: Bringing Design Sprints to NDI

As the Technology Innovation team at NDI, we are always looking for new approaches to build impactful platforms. One of our recent pilot projects—DemGames—offers our partner organizations an opportunity… Read More

Introducing the Democracy Notary: An Experiment in Information Integrity

“Who you gonna believe” – as the comics say – “me, or your lyin’ eyes?” When it comes to politics, cognitive bias has always given citizens a strong push to believe “their side,” whatever the evidence to the contrary suggests.

As… Read More

Launching Data Storytelling Course for Civic Technologists

Civic organizations, government, and activists are becoming more adept at using digital technologies to engage on community issues, participate in public discourse, and stay connected. This civic technology-- such as online petition platforms,… Read More

Weekly Roundup 10/12/18

Good news! California just passed a law requiring all Internet-of-things (IoT) devices to have unique, secure password.… Read More

Weekly Roundup 10/01/18

Last week, Cloudflare announced it would support Google’s Roughtime, a protocol that (roughly) keeps the internet’s clocks in synch. Accurate time is critical for cybersecurity,… Read More

Weekly Roundup 9/21/18

On September 9th, Swedes took to the polls to vote for a new prime minister and members of parliament. Studying a sample of Twitter posts in the run-up to the elections, researchers at the… Read More

Weekly Roundup 9/14/18

Last week, the 172-year-old Associated Press (AP) announced a collaboration with the little over twelve-… Read More

User Experience Testing

As anyone who has spent time in tech knows, “designing good software” is as complicated as the term is simple. It’s easy to come up with ideas and improvements for your products. But the actual implementation is full of pitfalls that… Read More



“We shape our tools and, thereafter our tools shape us…”  — John Culkin (1967)


It’s amazing what humanity can do with the right tools. If you’ve ever looked up the work of… Read More

Elections and Data Routing in Mali

When my colleague Jared and I landed in Bamako, I was expecting to head to our hotel, have an early dinner, and then grab the sleep we missed out on during our plane ride over, so that… Read More