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Using civic tech for environmental governance: Lessons learned through models of civic engagement

Enviromental Tech

Editor's Note: This post was authored by Alan Finlay.

How can we harness the power of technology to improve environmental governance? In this… Read More

How DemTech Supports Digital Organizing Around the World

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Digital organizing is a key component of any successful political campaign. It involves using technology to mobilize supporters, raise funds, communicate messages, and get out the vote. It can also be a powerful tool for governing. Digital tools… Read More

Defeating Zoom Fatigue with Open edX

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Editor's Note: This post was co-authored with Caitlyn Ramsey and edited with Microsoft Bing Chat.

It’s September 28, 2020 and COVID deaths… Read More

Social Media Monitoring for Democracy (Part I): Getting Comfortable with the Concepts

networks represented by green and red lines and dots on a black background
Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash

Social media monitoring is an essential tactic for many pro-democracy initiatives. In order to find out what is being said on social media and by whom, find coordinated information campaigns, and identify and… Read More

Civi for Civil Society: Championing Reform in the DRC

Image of instructor teaching how to use Civi
Having a Francophone instructor made learning to use Civi much easier.

What do you believe to be the most pressing political issues of our times? Political parties and civil society organizations need to know citizens’ perspectives on the most important issues and how to address… Read More

Introducing Alissa for North Olania!

Alissa For Olania Main Page

You find yourself managing a campaign on a shoestring budget, trying to keep a dozen balls from dropping while pushing your candidate and their issues successfully across the finish line. The long hours… Read More

Why the Global Digital Compact is worth your time

Moira Whelan

The news on technology and democracy continues to be grim. Freedom… Read More

Hello, World!

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Hello, world! I’m Rachelle Faust and I’m thrilled to have recently joined the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) Democracy and Technology team as a program officer. In my new role, I’m contributing to the… Read More


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My name is Maurice Sayinzoga. I am excited to join the DemTech Team as Program Director. My new role will focus on developing strategies, cultivating partnerships, and improving processes for integrating technology tools and applications into NDI… Read More

Lessons Learned from the Digital Rights Learning Exchange

Digital Rights Learning Exchange

In 2022, NDI partnered with Digital Grassroots Read More