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Introducing Alissa for Olania!

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You find yourself managing a campaign on a shoestring budget, trying to keep a dozen balls from dropping while pushing your candidate and their issues successfully across the finish line. The long hours… Read More

Why the Global Digital Compact is worth your time

Moira Whelan

The news on technology and democracy continues to be grim. Freedom… Read More

Hello, World!

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Hello, world! I’m Rachelle Faust and I’m thrilled to have recently joined the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI) Democracy and Technology team as a program officer. In my new role, I’m contributing to the… Read More


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My name is Maurice Sayinzoga. I am excited to join the DemTech Team as Program Director. My new role will focus on developing strategies, cultivating partnerships, and improving processes for integrating technology tools and applications into NDI… Read More

Lessons Learned from the Digital Rights Learning Exchange

Digital Rights Learning Exchange

In 2022, NDI partnered with Digital Grassroots Read More

How To Pick A Trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A DALL-E AI-generated image representing network security as a watercolor.
An DALL-E AI-generated image representing network security as a watercolor.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming more and more common as something many people use or at least have heard about, but may not know a lot about how they work, what risks they carry, or what option is… Read More

DemTech Wrapped 2022

On a deep purple background, is a black square with a pink and yellow triangular design with green circles in the middle. A white square sits over this design with logos for Dem.Tools, Co/Act, Info/tegrity, Open Internet for Democracy, Design 4 Democracy Coalition, and cybersim. Below the black square, in yellow, it says "We spent 1,622,400 minutes making tech work for democracy" and in the bottom left hand corner is the DemTech logo

DemTech Wrapped 2022 is here. All year we’ve worked to make tech work for democracy As we look forward to 2023, we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to.  Read More

Weekly Roundup - October 31

Freedom on the Net
Image credit: Freedom House via Getty Images

Freedom House recently released their annual Read More

Building African Bridges on Geopolitical Internet Governance Divides

snapshot of speakers at FIFAfrica

Two decades ago, how the Internet was governed was seen as a technical matter with only the slightest political dimension. Today, as major powers work to shape their spheres of technological influence, how the… Read More

Tips for Using Common Secure Online Messaging Apps

Women uses a smartphone to send messages.

Editor’s Note: Things change quickly in the world of secure messaging, so some recommendations may be out of date at the time of your reading.

Collaboration and communication are the main foundation of building a… Read More