A civic education platform that hosts simple games for engagement at scale for civic organizing, political inclusion, and other democratic concepts

DemGames Gamified Learning Platform

Interactive learning platforms offer a unique opportunity to engage with youth on democracy - with a technology approach that meets them where they are - on their phones. Games for good can build behaviors and reinforce concepts that lead to widespread social impact. DemGames brings together NDI’s tested civic education best practices with an engaging, fun platform. Taking a human-centered approach, DemGames makes it easy to set up your own game and gives program implementers an innovative way to reinforce absorption and retention of knowledge.


Overview of Features:

  • Self-paced multiple choice and matching quiz games offer quick reinforcement on important terms and concepts.
  • Elaborate choose-your-own-adventure narrative scenario games mimic practical decision-making and build high level reasoning skills while exploring a virtual world.
  • Users earn and lose points to advance in the game based on their answers.
  • Players are incentivized for learning success, needing to earn a minimum score to unlock new levels.
  • Web application optimized for basic smartphones in low bandwidth environments.
  • Intuitive interface that makes learning easy and engaging.
  • Simple, inexpensive, and secure hosting.
  • Designed as a lightweight, “edutainment” platform specifically for youth.
  • Accessible to a wider audience via voice interface, such as Google Assistant.
  • Tailor level of difficulty and choose between the different game types to better fit program objectives.
  • Ability to customize themes and other features to fit audience interests.

DemGames in Action

DemGames for Debates - developed in partnership with NDI’s Citizen Participation and Latin American and Caribbean teams - provides users with a fun way to practice the terms and concepts associated with crafting arguments, identifying evidence, and justifying rebuttals. After introducing the game during threeday bootcamps on the fundamentals of engaging in debate, over 90% of youth bootcamp participants from Coban, Xela, and Guatemala City played matching quiz games to reinforce their bootcamp training and prepare for regional and national debate competitions. At the end of the program, surveys demonstrated how much participants enjoyed the platform