Cultivating Democracy



DemTools Launch Summary

On December 9, 2015, the NDItech team launched DemTools 2.0, the revamped and improved toolkit custom-built for democracies around the world, and the event was a huge success. We had illustrious keynote speakers, a panel of leading experts in technology and democracy, and packed the Carnegie Library until there was only standing room left - over 230 in attendance! With support across NDI and from the excellent venue staff, we managed to launch the DemTools launch befitting all the months of hard work and coordination.

“DemTools may be one of the most important things we ever do at NDI.”

- Gov. Howard Dean

We hosted a livestream for our friends outside of DC, which was viewed by over 120 people, and we also offered live demos to showcase the tools and their functionalities. After the panel took audience questions and shared their expertise, dessert rolled out and the crowd was treated to a round of Ignite-style talks about how some of the tools have been used and the principles involved in their creation. As the audience filed out, the excitement was palpable and conversations sprang all over, discussing the tools and how they could be utilized for good. It took a lot of late nights and so much help from our valued friends, but the launch was a huge success for our team and worth every erg of effort.