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Civi Elections
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Civi Elections

Civi is a constituent relationship management (CRM) system that helps parties, government organizations and civic groups manage their contacts and communicate effectively via SMS and email. CiviCRM was created by CiviCRM LLC.

The Elections DemTool is a powerful system for compiling, managing, and analyzing citizen reports from an election monitoring mission. Originally developed by TimbaObjects for NDI.

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Language PHP Python
Database MySQL MongoDB
Web server Apache NGINX
CMS Platform Drupal N/A
License GPL GPL
Past Use Cases

Civi has been used by over ten thousand organizations globally; NDI has run three major deployments in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Malawi, Tunisia, Nigeria, Zambia, Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda

Languages Available

The core Civi system is currently available in a great many languages, and has been translated by NDI into Arabic and Russian. Additional translations could be done for approximately $5000.

Currently available in English, French, Arabic, Russian, and Azeri. Additional language translations are available for approximately $1,000.