Block Party

Description Updated
Oct 25, 2022

Block Party is a social media safety app designed for the realities of online harassment. The app allows people who regularly experience online harassment to safely engage in public conversations on social media. With Block Party, users are in control of what they want to see on Twitter. Block Party is compatible with every language and utilizes lock out and blocking features to ensure your Twitter feed is as curated at your would like. 



Features and Considerations

  • Block Party is currently only available through Twitter and requires the linking of a Twitter account

  • Enable and modify "Lockout Filters" which help mute people most likely to bother users with unwanted or harassing content

  • Create and modify "Block Lists" based on chosen parameters

  • Enable "Help View" to allow trusted collaborators to set certain permissions without granting access to entire Twitter account

  • Requires Two-Factor Authentication when logging on

  • Provides access to other anti-harassment resources 


  • Block Party uses a tiered pricing system including a free tier, with different options for user and keyword filters, watchlists, and block lists


Please contact us for implementation timeline and use cases