Google Chat

Description Updated
Oct 13, 2022

The world’s leading internet search giant, Google, also offers a communication and collaboration tool, which was initially designed for teams and business environments. Google Chat provides direct messaging and group conversations. Like Slack, the tool is increasingly being designed for teams so it has more built-in collaboration tools (like the spaces feature, which allows teams to create and assign tasks, create threaded conversations, and share files in a central place) in addition to chatting than other secure messaging apps on this list. Google Chat can be accessed through its own website, Gmail, or mobile app for each platform. The tool has a free basic subscription tier and $6/month/person for the Business Starter package.




  • Google Chat is part of Google Workspace and follows the same tiered pricing system


  • Easy end-to-end encryption communications 
  • Works within the Google Workspace ecosystem through a Google account, does not require a mobile phone number
  • Links directly to other applications within the Google Workspace ecosystem 
  • Automatically detected languages and Smart Replies in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
  • Automatically detects and can translate all languages supported with Google Translate 

Google Chat in the Public Sector

Google Chat has been utilized to connect upwards of 5,000 public administration employees in order to enable smart working, fostering collaboration, streamlining IT infrastructure, and modernizing services for its citizens. From keeping school buildings maintained to organizing recycling pick up, citizens are able to interact with local governments through Google chat.

Please contact us for use cases and a timeline for implementation.