Description Updated
Dec 15, 2021

Creates a private online meeting space where “conference” attendees can join channels – similar to “break-out sessions” – on specific topics. The platform also supports video and audio calls, but more advanced webinar tools should be used for the more formal presentations of the conference.




  • Tiered pricing system with both a free option and an option to work on a case by case basis with organizations to best fit their needs


Cybersecurity Considerations

  • Slack is innovator of this “workspace” approach to messaging
  • Has more features, customizations, and third-party integrations than other messaging apps
  • Does not have end-to-end encryption, instead using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure communication.


Slack elevates communication and innovation in organizations

Slack is uniquely suited to respond to the challenges of fastmoving, regulated industries, whether it’s ensuring that mobile devices and data are kept secure or helping to resolve fraud incidents quickly. Slack makes it easy for departments to quickly connect to the right people utilizing Slack channels, and threads keep discussions organized and uncluttered. In comparison to other messaging apps, organizations have found that Slack allows for the most organization and widespread communication within a team or organization. 


Please contact us for information on appropriate use cases, implementation timelines, and comparisons to other messaging applications