User Stories

Given the tumultuous history around recent elections in Cote d’Ivoire, with over 3,000 killed when the former president refused to concede defeat in 2010, it has been crucial for Ivoiriens to have trustworthy, independent electoral information to prevent civil unrest. POECI (Civil Society Platform for the Observation of Elections in Côte d’Ivoire), a coalition of civic groups that came together to conduct nonpartisan election monitoring through systematic observation, adopted Apollo to help in this high-stakes election data collection and analysis process.
Following the 2013 Euromaidan Revolution for Dignity, Ukrainians have come to expect greater transparency, accountability, and engagement from their political and legislative leaders. The Civi DemTool, a contact management system, has supported these reforms by empowering Ukrainian political parties, members of Parliament, and civic organizations to connect with citizens and track their concerns.