NDItech is Looking for an Intern

By Chris Doten | May 05, 2011

NDItech is hiring an intern! If you are a regular reader of this blog you have a pretty good idea of the wide range of technologies and techniques we get to play with supporting NDI's partner organizations abroad in 70-some countries. It's our job to improve solid democracy promotion ideas by judicious application of appropriate tech. To work with us you have to be passionate about NDI's mission supporting and strengthening democratic institutions worldwide. A background in social activism, domestic politics, or international development is a good base. You've also gotta be in love with technology and the way it is shaping the world. If you enjoy getting into arguments about how social media has impacted the Arab Spring, or spun up a Drupal 7 system just to see how it works, you're our kind of person. We can promise you a wildly varied job researching new technologies, working closely with our regional teams, playing with cool tools, writing on this blog, doing paperwork* and wrangling social media - all in the name of creating more just societies around the world. Oh, the position is even paid. To apply, go to NDI's employment openings and click through DC internships. We're the Information and Communications Technologies one.* Sorry, it's still an internship.