Information Integrity

DemTech works to bring together the collective wisdom of organizations on the front lines of combatting disinformation globally to help protect the integrity of online information. Effective democracies require that citizens have access to accurate and impartial electoral and political information. Disinformation campaigns spread cynicism, distort political processes and hinder citizens’ ability to make sound political decisions. We seek to identify what works, and expand the community engaged in this effort.

  • Democratic Principles for the Information Space - a statement of principles representing a shared commitment to technology shaping a more just and democratic world.
  • Info/tegrity - a framework for NDI’s initiatives to counter disinformation and other forms of online manipulation, and ensure the integrity of the information space.
  • Design 4 Democracy Coalition - a coordination mechanism between groups of democracy and human rights organizations and technology companies around the world that are working at the forefront of technology and democracy issues.
  • Countering Disinformation Guide - a guide to promoting information integrity developed by the Consortium for Elections and Political Processes Strengthening.
  • Combatting Information Manipulation Playbook - a playbook for CSOs to identify, respond, and build resilience to info manipulation developed with IRI and the Stanford Internet Observatory.
  • Data Analytics for Social Media Monitoring - a guide on technical methods for social media monitoring and data analysis.