Open and Secure Internet

Protecting and promoting the security and openness of the internet are a core part of DemTech’s work. Openness and security are two sides of the same coin necessary to build an internet that reflects and promotes democratic principles.


DemTech provides direct cybersecurity assistance to partners to help them limit risk, connects democratic actors to the global cybersecurity community, and contributes to the development of a more secure internet by supporting democracy-friendly global cyber norms and standards. Cybersecurity is not only a series of technical threats, but a component of human security in today’s digital age; and limited or poor cybersecurity can infringe upon democratic space and democracy itself. To that end, we seek to help our partners prevent and respond to the technical and human security threats in the short and medium terms, while also focusing on building a cyberspace that’s friendlier to and safer for democracy and democratic actors over the long-term.

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Open Internet

DemTech works to build and protect an open and democratic internet -- where all citizens can freely express themselves, share and debate ideas, organize, and engage in the digital economy by connecting civil society, media, the local private sector, and political groups to preserve civic space online. The Open Internet for Democracy Initiative is jointly managed by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA), and consists of hundreds of individuals and organizations from around the world, particularly the global south, with a commitment to preserving an open, democratic internet.

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