Digital Tools for Governments, Parties, and Civic Groups

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Internet access and powerful communication technologies are spreading around the world at an extraordinary rate, transforming the way citizens live and interact with each other. Social media drives a global conversation of ideas. Smartphone cameras produce on-the-scene reporting of events that can be put up for international analysis. Massive amounts of data are collected and made accessible in compelling visualizations. With the many benefits that citizens experience from these advanced technologies, there is also the expectation that leaders in government, civil society, and politics will keep up and meet them where they are – online. Read more about DemTools here. See the full booklet here.

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A data management platform to support citizen election observation and other large-scale structured data collection efforts.


Enabling government officials, political parties, and civil society groups to connect with and respond to their constituents and members online

DemLabs: experimental, beta-version DemTools


A civic education platform that hosts simple games for engagement at scale for civic organizing, political inclusion, and other democratic concepts

Fix My Community

Empowers citizens to flag problems in their communities and to bring them to the attention of those who can fix them - or to rally the public around unaddressed issues

User Stories

Given the tumultuous history around recent elections in Cote d’Ivoire, with over 3,000 killed when the former president refused to concede defeat in 2010, it has been crucial for Ivoiriens to have...
Following the 2013 Euromaidan Revolution for Dignity, Ukrainians have come to expect greater transparency, accountability, and engagement from their political and legislative leaders. The Civi...