News and Notes Roundup: May 15

By Evan Summers | May 15, 2015

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Linux penguin

What’s that you say? You’ve missed the NDItech Weekly News and Notes Roundups so far this month? We know, we know - your Mondays just haven’t been the same without a bit of tech history and some of the freshest links in popular tech and #tech4dem. But don’t fear: we’re back today with a special Friday edition just for you (and our other readers).

Although much has happened in the world of tech anniversaries since our last roundup, we’ll keep today’s Week in Tech History feature short and sweet. Perhaps the most influential day we’ve marked so far this month has been May 9th, which also happens to have been the 19th anniversary of Linux’s groundbreaking decision to create and adopt Tux as its official mascot.

Without further ado or any formal segue, it’s now time for the links:

Popular Tech News:

ICT and Development: