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Oct 18, 2022

Canva is a graphic design tool that enables users to drag-and-drop feature and layouts to easily design beautiful visual content and infographics.


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    QR Codes in Albania

    The Albania team regularly uses QR codes to support programming in the country. The team uses Canva to create one pagers and promotional materials and integrates QR codes into those materials. QR codes support Albanian programs in the following ways:

    • Expanding Access - Workshop materials and agendas are accessed through QR codes rather than printouts makes expanding programs easier.
    • Education - Cards with QR codes were used to connect citizens with Parliament on the palm of your hand, an online quiz game to help citizens learn about the history, function, and role of Parliament and the electoral system.
    • Education - The team spread cards with QR codes that brought citizens to a virtual tour of the Parliament
    • Education - The team used QR codes to direct students to an informative video about the structure of a game called My Point of View Game, which was developed for the Albanian Parliament with the assistance of the Swiss Parliamentary Services, which had previously developed a Swiss version.


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