Critical Mention

Description Updated
Oct 18, 2022

Critical Mention is a media monitoring and media contact monitoring tool. Users have access to television, radio, print media, podcasts, online news, and social media. While the tool is in English, it draws from news sources in over 90 languages. Dashboards tracking media can be tailored to the user, and Critical Mention maintains good customer support with trainings, a help desk, and a willingness to work with clients to integrate new sources. The tool is cloud-based and works especially well with traditional media sources. 




  • Critical Mention is one of the more expensive media monitoring tools.
  • Priced by quote.


  • Timeliness - Critical Mention provides real time coverage of mentions, allowing users to take advantage of media monitoring to respond quickly to threats and seize on opportunities.
  • Focus on traditional media - Critical Mention surpasses its competition in traditional media, providing the most thorough coverage of television channels and radio stations.
  • Highly customizable - The Critical Mention team is happy to work with partners to create the perfect dashboard for their purposes, including adding new television stations and expanding the geographic coverage of the American platform.

Critical Mention on the Campaign Trail

Critical Mention has been used extremely effectively by campaign managers to track mentions of candidates in both traditional and social media. Critical Mention can flag key words as they are published. This technique capitalizes on the speed of the tool; so campaigns can respond quickly, fact checking instances of disinformation and capitalizing on positive coverage. 

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