Project Galileo

Updated on
Nov 18, 2021

Cloudflare is a content delivery network provider that secures websites against security breaches and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Such attacks are commonly used to make sites inaccessible to the public. Through Project Galileo, Cloudflare makes these enterprise-grade protection services available for free to at-risk public interest websites at no cost. Qualifying organizations can apply directly on the Project Galileo website, or through a sponsoring organization like NDI.


If you believe your organization or an organization that you support may benefit from DDoS protection and might qualify for protection under Project Galileo as an "at-risk public interest website", please contact our team directly for support in applying for the program. Please contact us with questions about use cases and timeline for implementation as well. You can read more about protecting websites from DDoS attacks in the Cybersecurity Handbooks for Civil Society Organizations and Political Parties as well.