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Jul 28, 2021

Twine is a free and open-source platform for making interactive fiction games, much like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, or practice quizzes. Twine doesn't require you to write any code, and it publishes directly to HTML so you can post your game almost anywhere. NDI hosts Twine for partners through its DemCloud cloud-hosting service.


Please contact us for additional use cases, approximate cost, timeline for implementation, and to brainstorm game ideas.

The platform is robust, has an intuitive user interface that permits:

  • the ability to drag-and-drop a visual representation of the game flow
  • easy editing of the narrative text and the link text
  • an unlimited number of choices at each decision point
  • the ability to take a variety of input types (not only the clicking of hypertext links), such as inputting variables
  • the ability to add images
  • highly customizable styling with CSS. 

The clarity of the layout-view makes it possible to manage more complex games with exponential branching, or to elegantly display foldbacks when different sequences of choices converge.

Twine for Adaptive Leadership

NDI's Gender, Women and Democracy and DemTech teams collaborated on a game, called Leading Change, about making choices, changing circumstances, and leading through change. As players navigate decisions throughout the game, they accrue points and learn how to cultivate alliances, build accountability, generate buy-in, adapt to challenges, and create accessible community solutions.

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