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By David Rosenthal | August 10, 2015

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Hello, world! I’m NDItech’s new Project Manager. I’ve been with NDI for two years as an Administrative Officer focusing on technology operations support. My portfolio included tech budgeting, procurement, vendor management, and generally providing the best IT solutions to support our staff around the world. In my new capacity, I’ll have a more direct role in advising our programs and partners.

Before coming to NDI, I was a grassroots organizer for political and issue advocacy campaigns. I worked on President’s Obama 2008 and 2012 campaigns in Ohio along with state and local campaigns in Indiana. I even managed a City Council race, and we elected the city’s youngest council member in history. Before this I was a student organizer, bringing together students from across the state to lobby Indiana’s legislature for greater investments in higher education.

All of which brings me to NDItech. I'm very excited to work on programs that leverage technology to empower citizens, hold governments accountable, and strengthen democratic processes. As a Project Manager, I’ll use agile software development methods to keep our team organized and make sure we’re delivering quality work and executing on our promises.