Weekly Roundup 6/29/2016

By | June 29, 2016

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Happy Wednesday, Readers! After the final outcome of the Brexit Referendum, many technology firms, especially those in London, worry about what the future holds. In recent years, London has relied heavily on tech firms comprised of EU member employees and customers for economic stability. BBC recently highlighted a report showing that “1.56 million people were employed in digital companies in the UK, with 328,000 of those in London. The report also noted that the digital economy grew a third faster than the UK economy as a whole”.

Techies all across Europe worry that the growth of technology and innovation may lose momentum. CEO and Founder of Techspace David Galsworthy believes that London will not remain "a central hub globally for this sector". At this point in time, the question remains as to how the political turmoil will affect the euro-technology sector.

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