People Powered Guide to Digital Participation Platforms

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Feb 13, 2023

Interested in the world of participatory budgeting and or other forms of participatory democracy? has a large repository of papers, guides, tools and information focused on ways that citizens can directly engage with government processes.

Notes is a great resource for people who are curious about participatory budgeting or other forms of citizen engagement and want to think about how they might be able to design and implement such a component in work they are doing around the world. 

Participatory budgeting is a concept where citizens are able to meet and engage in a deliberative, collaborative process to allocate resources to program concepts as they wish. By permitting people to make their own choices about how taxpayer funds can be allocated, participatory budgeting provides new ways for citizens to take a role in the governance of their own communities. People Powered provides a home for the participatory budgeting community along with other concepts that encourage direct forms of governance and democracy.

The website is a free hub for a wide array of resources, papers, tools, event listings, and links to other hubs in Europe and Francophone Africa.

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