Weekly Roundup 8/15/2016

By Sophia Sokolowski | August 15, 2016

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President Edgar Lunga of the Patriotic Front party
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Good afternoon, Readers! The official results are in, reporting that President Edgar Lunga of the Patriotic Front party was re-elected in a closely contested vote for the 2016 Zambia presidential and National Assembly elections. 90% of polling stations during the elections, which were held last Thursday, opened around 6:30am, and some remained open until 2am due to the high volume of voters. President Lungu received 100,530 more ballots than his main challenger, Hakainde Hichilema of the opposition United Party for National Development, and skirted a runoff election by receiving just over 50% of the votes.

The Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG) closely observed and reported outcomes using the Apollo DemTool from NDItech. Great minds from the TimbaObjects Technologies team in combination with CCMG and top leaders from NDI collaborated to both literally and figuratively fuel power towards election efforts. From assisting voters to analyzing incoming data and constructing impressive and informative election visualizations, members worked nonstop to ensure that the decision announced was one made by Zambia.


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