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We're Hiring! Product Manager and Project Lead to Shape Tech for Democracy!

Here at NDI we’re looking for a new team to design and manage the exciting process of building products to scale to serve hundreds of democracy and human rights organizations around the world!
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Human Centered Design for Local Capacity Building

Every day civic activists, organizations, and governments are working to incorporate 21st century tools into antiquated practices and systems. NDI’s TechCivica Initiative aims to support this… Read More

Hello, World!

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We're Hiring!

Passionate about using the right tech for human rights? Interested in innovative ways to connect governments and citizens? Got ideas how social media could actually support democracy rather than fuel the current dumpster fire? See uses for… Read More

Throwback Thursday: Bringing Design Sprints to NDI

As the Technology Innovation team at NDI, we are always looking for new approaches to build impactful platforms. One of our recent pilot projects—DemGames—offers our partner organizations an opportunity… Read More

Introducing the Democracy Notary: An Experiment in Information Integrity

“Who you gonna believe” – as the comics say – “me, or your lyin’ eyes?” When it comes to politics, cognitive bias has always given citizens a strong push to believe “their side,” whatever the evidence to the contrary suggests.

As… Read More

Launching Data Storytelling Course for Civic Technologists

Civic organizations, government, and activists are becoming more adept at using digital technologies to engage on community issues, participate in public discourse, and stay connected. This civic technology-- such as online petition platforms,… Read More

Weekly Roundup 10/12/18

Good news! California just passed a law requiring all Internet-of-things (IoT) devices to have unique, secure password.… Read More

Weekly Roundup 10/01/18

Last week, Cloudflare announced it would support Google’s Roughtime, a protocol that (roughly) keeps the internet’s clocks in synch. Accurate time is critical for cybersecurity,… Read More