Fix My Community

Description Updated
Apr 04, 2022

A crowdmapping system that empowers citizens to flag problems in their communities. NDI hosts Fix My Community for partners through its DemCloud cloud-hosting service.


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Crowdsourcing can put many eyes to work spotting critical problems citizens face. Fix My Community, originally created by civic tech NGO MySociety, routes citizen-submitted reports together with photos to the key government institutions who can address them. By making complaints and government updates visible to the public, the tool helps officials demonstrate that they are taking action on the issues that concern citizens. Systems like Fix My Community have been used for reporting everything from potholes to bribes and are a useful bridge between citizens and their representatives.

Overview of Features

  • Citizens document, discuss, and submit reports to local government via SMS or web.
  • Ability to attach photos to reports helps provide context and urgency.
  • Citizens can view the problems their neighbors face and understand common concerns.
  • Government leaders can demonstrate and document the actions they are taking in response to citizen issues.
  • Provides government leaders with the ability to run reports on responsiveness and time to resolution for identified issues from their staff.
  • Citizen reporters receive automated updates on report status and can track their issues online.
  • Integrates with common government databases via API or submit reports via email.
  • Full SMS reporting and follow-up capabilities support those in low-tech environments.
  • Customizable themes makes access to data more efficient and appealing.
  • Report status dashboards let managers track progress towards resolution.
  • Analysis tools let leaders see the most common problems and areas most affected.
  • Easy hosting and management with Docker containers.
  • Proven effectiveness in over a dozen countries with millions of reports received.

Technical Specifications

Fix My Community in Kosovo

DemTech supported one (very successful and currently active) implementation of Fix My Community in Kosovo. Democracy Plus (D+) is using Fix My Community to improve local government accountability with the platform and ("Fix It" in Albanian and Serbian). Both sites have been deployed in all 38 municipalities of Kosovo, with nearly 35,000 citizens logging into the platform. Citizens have filed over 2,700 reports to their elected officials, receiving updates on progress as they are closed. D+ worked hard to inform citizens about the platform and build buy-in with local municipalities and government authorities, eventually leading the Ministry for Local Government Administration to incorporate the issue response rate on the sites into the set of indicators for city transparency and efficiency.