Description Updated
Nov 18, 2021

A free, secure communications application that provides end-to-end encrypted individual and group messages, audio, and group video calls. Available as an app on iPhones and Androids, and can be used as a desktop client as well. Signal is the best option for secure messaging and file sharing, especially in high-risk contexts. Signal is most commonly recommended by NDI for secure and private communication.


Approximate Cost

  • Signal is a non-profit organization that is donor-supported and can therefore provide the service free to users.

Cybersecurity Considerations

  • Signal is among the most secure tools for online video conferencing
  • Signal is designed specifically for the purpose of secure communication with all messages being end to end encrypted
  • Advanced security features such as disappearing messages and limiting metadata emitted
  • Only your contacts who already use Signal can be added to a Signal group
  • If you need a conferencing tool that doesn’t require sharing attendee’s phone numbers, consider Jitsi Meet

Please contact us for information on appropriate use cases and comparisons to other messaging applications. For more information about why Signal is the best secure messaging app in most contexts, you can also reference the Cybersecurity Handbooks for Civil Society Organizations and Political Parties.


Signal in Parliaments 

Signal provides private groups which has been effectively used by Parliaments. Whether it be for in office communication, or for multiple offices, the Signal service has no record of group memberships, group titles, group avatars, or group attributes. Their private group technology enables group administrators and access control, improves group scalability, and sets the stage for richer experiences.