Cat Ramsey

Technical Program Associate

Cat Ramsey is a Technical Program Associate on the Democracy and Technology team. In her previous role as a Temporary Project Assistant at NDI, she worked on information integrity. Additionally, at the Alliance for Securing Democracy branch of the German Marshall Fund, she examined authoritarian uses of disinformation, cyberattacks, and economic and financial manipulation to undermine democracy in Europe and the United States. She has worked on democratic engagement through civic education at the Boston-based nonprofit, Discovering Justice, where she worked to engage the local community, especially children and marginalized groups, in the judicial process. At the same time, she was conducting research and writing reports on the exploitation of children by terrorist organizations for the Working Group on Children Recruited by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups (CRTG). Cat holds a master’s degree in Global Peace, Security, and Strategic Studies from Vesalius College, and earned an undergraduate degree in Russian, Arabic, and Persian from the University of St Andrews.