NDI works with legislatures to promote effective public-sector institutions and governance processes that operate in a manner consistent with the democratic values of transparency, responsiveness, inclusion, integrity and accountability. The digital revolution has increased the demands on these democratic institutions to innovate and adapt new technologies to engage citizens, while still representing populations with less access to digital tools. Parliaments that understand these barriers and opportunities are better able to represent the needs of increasingly diverse populations, women and historically marginalized communities. Read More on

Defending Against Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks against parliaments have significant consequences, such as disrupting operations, damaging reputation, or stealing information. NDI works with legislatures to navigate and mitigate cybersecurity challenges through customized consultation and the following resources.

Opening Spaces to Connect with Constituents

Parliaments thrive when they are able to reach the people they are elected to represent. Parliaments also have an important role to play to ensure that governments, the private sector, and civil society adhere to universal human rights. NDI works with parliaments to implement open government principles and protect the free and open internet as an important component of modern democracies. NDI has also helped to develop an open-source contact management system called Civi that can be used to facilitate constituent services and communication.

Protecting the Truth Online

Supporting a healthy information environment requires parliaments to join a whole-of-society effort that counters disinformation, promotes the truth, and establishes norms around acceptable political behavior. Even when parliaments are committed to information integrity, they face a dilemma if all members do not share the same commitment. NDI works with parliaments to develop normative standards for the online behavior of members of parliament and their staff, training on how to protect their online identities, and guidance on how they can promote positive information and counter negative content in politics. Additionally, NDI supports parliamentary efforts to include women and other marginalized communities in decision-making, and fight back against online violence and targeted disinformation.

Taking Advantage Civic Technologies and Involving the Tech Community

Technology tools are enabling new ways for parliaments to engage with constituents, and social media platforms have become an important space for citizens to interact with their representatives. With vibrant civic tech communities around the world, members of parliament and their staff have the opportunity to tap into that energy both by leveraging technologies created by civic actors, and by engaging these individuals and organizations to work toward common objectives. NDI works to reinforce networks and support tools that facilitate this collaboration.

Adapting to Emerging Technologies

Many legislatures struggle to stay on top of emerging technology trends. NDI’s emerging technology resources provide overviews of the opportunities and risks to democratic societies that result from technologies like digital identity, blockchain, and 5G infrastructure.

Designing Better Constituent Services

Accessible, intuitive, and easy-to-use technology products and services are an increasingly important way to connect with constituents and let them know about how parliament is addressing their concerns. NDI supports parliaments and parliamentarians to co-create with citizens the systems that can make representative government more responsive, inclusive and effective.