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The Wisdom of Crowds, or Why Justin Bieber is Off to North Korea


Crowdsourcing is hot. Empowering everyday citizens to take small steps and have powerful impact through collective action is one of the most fascinating revolutions permitted by the Internet. The barrier to participation has dropped. Now anyone… Read More

Circumvention Tools: Not a Democratic Transition Strategy

There tends to be a lot of focus on the role of circumvention, mobile and social media tools in democratic struggles taking place in closed societies that tend to overstate their potential and impact in many cases. While these tools and… Read More

Citizen Election Monitoring: Demonstrated Accountability


NDI’s work with citizen election monitoring groups provides an illustrative example of combining new technologies, effective methodologies and strong organizations to create positive political outcomes. A common approach to citizen election… Read More

Creating an Environment for Political Reform

An important component of success for activists struggling for democratic reform in closed societies involves the political environment in which they live and conduct their work. The challenges faced by activists in autocratic nations are immense… Read More

Technology and the Struggle for Democracy in Closed Societies

So who has the upper hand when it comes to using technology to further their goals in authoritarian countries, the good guys or the bad guys? It is often said that in the early days of the Internet that many believed the technology alone will… Read More

ICT at Work: Afghanistan Election Mapping and Uganda Citizen Hotline


Recent NDI programs demonstrate the important role technology can play in supporting fragile democracies.

Afghanistan Elections

In the aftermath of last summer’s flawed Afghanistan presidential election we created a tool for… Read More

The Integration of Technology into Democratic Development - a Shift is Underway

We’re in the midst of a pivotal moment in technology and politics in the international development field, which started in early 2009 and still seems to be gaining steam, where the linkages between politics, technology, democracy and foreign policy… Read More

A New Approach: ICT Blogging at NDI

(Promoted to top from August 17)

For my first post on the new NDI blog I thought I’d share thoughts on how we came to the decision to start blogging and what we hope to accomplish.

This NDI blog represents a new way of… Read More

Welcome to NDItech: Blogging on ICT in Development and Democracy

The "demos" of the word democracy is the people - the masses, the rabble, the hoi polloi, the plebes, the great unwashed. One of the most powerful transformations of the past 10 years has been spread of tech to the demos.

In 2000 we were… Read More

Technology Engagements Aren’t Always Technical


For the last fifteen years or so we have employed technologies as components of many of our democracy strengthening programs. A wide range of technologies and associated strategies have been used to support activists, political parties,… Read More