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Meet GeoPoll: Collecting Data for Society

The NDItech team recently had the pleasure of hosting leaders from GeoPoll to discuss how their mobile phone survey technologies can gather insights into critical development questions. Scott Lansell, GeoPoll’sVP for Business Development, broke… Read More

Weekly Roundup 12/19/19

Today we share our top weekly technology related articles, the last for the year 2019. Technology has been at the heart of major global changes we have witnessed over the last decade. The world has been changed by technology - and at the same… Read More

Surveying with Civi in Côte d'Ivoire

A couple weeks back, I spent an afternoon with my colleagues at NDI’s office in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire performing a task all too familiar to us on the NDItech team - setting up cheap Android smartphones with Read More

Lying Politicians Are Certainties - But Should They Buy Ads on Social Media to Do It?

On October 30th, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced in a series of tweets that the platform will put a global ban all forms of political advertisements - a move widely praised… Read More

Hello, World!

My name is Grace Chimezie, and I am delighted to be a recent addition to the NDITech team. I have been welcomed warmly by brilliant thinkers, invested in strengthening NDI’s core democratic principles.

During the next several months, I’ll… Read More

We're Hiring! Product Manager and Project Lead to Shape Tech for Democracy!

Here at NDI we’re looking for a new team to design and manage the exciting process of building products to scale to serve hundreds of democracy and human rights organizations around the world!
NDI is… Read More

Human Centered Design for Local Capacity Building

Every day civic activists, organizations, and governments are working to incorporate 21st century tools into antiquated practices and systems. NDI’s TechCivica Initiative aims to support this… Read More

Hello, World!

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We're Hiring!

Passionate about using the right tech for human rights? Interested in innovative ways to connect governments and citizens? Got ideas how social media could actually support democracy rather than fuel the current dumpster fire? See uses for… Read More