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Weekly Roundup 10/21/20

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Hello, World!

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Hello, World!

Hello, World! My name is Elizabeth Sutterlin, and I am so excited to be joining NDI’s DemTech team as a Program Assistant.

I have always been fascinated by the internet. This immense, global network could instantly direct anyone to… Read More

The State of Democracy and Technology

It is hard to overstate the impact of digital transformation on democracies and the daily lives of citizens around the world. The developing world is coming online at an extraordinary pace; there are places in which NDI works that are receiving… Read More

Cybersecurity in Political Campaigns

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel on cybersecurity in the context of upcoming Bolivian elections.  (Check out the video if interested!) One thing I took away from… Read More

Improving the Digital Landscape in Georgia

(Originally posted on

As Georgia approaches its parliamentary elections on October 31, 2020, NDI partners are hard at work… Read More

What We Learned During RightsCon 2020

Every year, NDI joins thought leaders, practitioners, and activists from civil society, governments, media, academia, and business for a week of global discussions on safeguarding human rights in our digital age at… Read More

Sorting Truth from Truthiness in the Digital Age

“Who you gonna believe” – as the comics say – “me, or your lyin’ eyes?” When it comes to politics, cognitive bias has always given citizens a strong push to believe “their side,” whatever the evidence to the contrary suggests.

As… Read More

In the Fight Against Disinformation, Many Tools are Needed

(Originally posted on DemWorks 6/22/2018)

In technology, you often hear geeks referencing the classic “garbage in, garbage out”… Read More

Weekly Roundup 04/17/2020

As countries begin to stabilize their processes around coping with COVID-19, we’re highlighting positive efforts within the digital space to continue and improve programming, despite prevailing challenges. Institutions like the Center for… Read More