Updated on
Jul 28, 2021

A contact relationship management (CRM) platform that has the ability store, track and segment large volumes of contact data and use it to take actions, like send messages via SMS and email. NDI hosts Civi for partners through its DemCloud cloud-hosting service.


NDI can create new Civi sites in a matter of minutes for NDI partners. DemTech also provides tailored training and implementation support to ensure our partner's success. Timelines for implementation vary depending on the specific needs of the partner. Please contact us

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Organizations are all about people. To be effective in driving social change, leaders need to know who their supporters are, understand their concerns, know how to reach and mobilize them, and target undecided citizens. Civi, a constituent relationship management (CRM) system, keeps track of relationships and enables easy outreach and input via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email. Civi can help political parties, civic organizations, and elected officials manage daily operations, engage in mass communication, coordinate campaigns, plan activities and events, raise funds, and view reports on all those activities. Civi is used by over 10,000 non-profits and has been deployed by NDI in over 30 countries.

Overview of Features

  • Communicate via multiple channels, such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, and printed mail merge.
  • Manage casework and organize campaigns.
  • Available in dozens of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian, and more.
  • Accessible online from anywhere with minimal bandwidth requirements.
  • Strong access controls can limit access to targeted individuals.
  • Secure sign-in with two-factor authentication.
  • Updated theme makes Civi more accessible, inclusive, and user-friendly.

Technical Specifications

ChatBots for Facebook Messenger

Through the Dialogflow extension, political parties, members of parliament and civic groups can connect affordably with constituents where they are often most active - Facebook Messenger. The extension uses Google's powerful Automated Intelligence engine to create chatbots that can answer commonly asked question or register users to receive surveys, newsletters or other mass communications sent via email or SMS. This enables civil society organizations and political parties to build out their membership databases and volunteer lists.

SMS Conversations

The SMS Conversations extension takes Civi's built-in support for broadcasting SMS to thousands of people one step further by enabling two-way conversations. Though this extension, Civi can be used to mobilize potential voters or gather direct feedback to better inform outreach, strategy and policy. Government officials can set up “conversations” with constituents to answer common questions.

Civi in Ukraine

Despite their best intentions, many political leaders and organizations lack the strategies they need to effectively communicate with citizens. In Ukraine, Civi helped address these problems by providing leaders with a centralized platform to manage engagement, communicate with broad groups of citizens, identify key supporters, and track the history of party member activities.

NDI introduced Civi during government-to-citizen trainings in April 2015 as a mechanism for managing interactions between Members of Parliament (MPs) and their constituents. In a pilot program, the offices of four members of parliament adopted Civi and NDI trained 24 assistants in constituent outreach and casework management. Offices used Civi to store contacts, tag them by categories and interests, track engagements, record constituent issues, and assign staff to respond. By taking advantage of NDI’s in-depth trainings and technical support, these MP offices were able to more effectively engage with their constituents. Given the enthusiasm of pilot MPs, NDI plans to expand use of the Civi database to more elected officials in Ukraine.

NDI also works closely with political parties in Ukraine to strengthen their voter outreach and volunteer engagement capabilities through Civi. Two political parties have adopted the Civi DemTool and NDI trained two political party database managers at headquarters, as well as 22 party regional personnel. One party is working to integrate Civi at its headquarters and, more importantly, at its branch offices across the country, where they are able to take advantage of Civi’s customizable email settings and location-based security and privacy controls. Civi has been used as a training tool to promote campaign best practices and innovative tactics, such as A/B testing of political messages and new forms of voter mobilization.

The civil society community in Ukraine has found Civi useful as well. Two Ukrainian NGOs have adopted Civi and trained four database administrators in each NGO, one with 15 regional database coordinators.

NDI regularly solicits input from our Ukrainian partners in order to improve the functionality of the Civi database. We remain committed to helping partners adopt new, innovative tools that will make their work more effective, while strengthening Ukraine’s democratic institutions and processes.