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Nov 07, 2022

A contact relationship management (CRM) platform that has the ability store, track and segment large volumes of contact data and use it to take actions, like send messages via SMS and email. NDI hosts Civi for partners through its DemCloud cloud-hosting service.


NDI can create new Civi sites in a matter of minutes for NDI partners. DemTech also provides tailored training and implementation support to ensure our partner's success. Timelines for implementation vary depending on the specific needs of the partner. Please contact us

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Organizations are all about people. To be effective in driving social change, leaders need to know who their supporters are, understand their concerns, know how to reach and mobilize them, and target undecided citizens. Civi, a constituent relationship management (CRM) system, keeps track of relationships and enables easy outreach and input via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and email. Civi can help political parties, civic organizations, and elected officials manage daily operations, engage in mass communication, coordinate campaigns, plan activities and events, raise funds, and view reports on all those activities. Civi is used by over 10,000 non-profits and has been deployed by NDI in over 30 countries.

Overview of Features

  • Communicate via multiple channels, such as email, SMS, printed mail merge, and online messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. Messaging through email, SMS or online messaging platforms requires third-party integrations.
    • Email - We recommend integrating with Sparkpost - a mass email sending service that works with Civi. NDI can sponsor use of Sparkpost, but partners must use "" as the sending domain.
    • SMS - We recommend integrating with Twilio or Telerivet. Messaging through SMS comes with a cost depending on where you are.
    • Online messaging platforms - Most online messaging platforms have policies that prohibit broadcasting messages to lists of contacts, instead users are required to initiate contact in order to enable Civi to respond. We recommend integrating with Google Dialogflow to use Civi to create these chat bots.
  • Manage casework and organize campaigns.
  • Available in dozens of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian, and more.
  • Accessible online from anywhere with minimal bandwidth requirements.
  • Strong access controls can limit access to targeted individuals.
  • Secure sign-in with two-factor authentication.
  • Updated theme makes Civi more accessible, inclusive, and user-friendly.

Technical Specifications

Civi Spark

For those looking to start out with Civi, Civi Spark is a simplified version of the tool available as a hosted service for about $10 per month.